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Last updated on:
2017-09-24 11:14:02
Plan Time
Plan Arrive Flight Number Airlines Origin
Actual /Forecast Arrive Gate Position Status
11:00 JD5251 Beijing Capital Airlines Hangzhou
10:28 到达
11:00 CZ6165 China Southern Airlines Guiyang
11:00 到达
11:05 CA1575 Air China Beijing
10:42 到达
11:15 SC4652 Shandong Airlines Beijing
11:30 前方起飞
11:20 EU2741 Chengdu Airlines Chengdu
10:53 到达
11:20 MU2005 China Eastern Airlines Chengdu
11:07 到达
11:35 CZ8510 China Southern Airlines Kunming
12:10 前方起飞
11:40 SC4642 Shandong Airlines Yenji
12:15 前方起飞
11:45 MU5513 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
11:30 前方起飞
11:45 SC4664 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
11:25 前方起飞
11:50 CZ3533 China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
11:45 前方起飞
11:50 MU5228 China Eastern Airlines Beijing
11:35 前方起飞
11:50 SC4774 Shandong Airlines Hangzhou
12:00 前方起飞
11:55 QW9876 Qingdao Airlines Zhuhai
11:45 前方起飞
11:55 SC8836 Shandong Airlines Kunming
11:50 前方起飞
11:55 SC8734 Shandong Airlines Wuhan
11:50 前方起飞
12:00 SC8825 Shandong Airlines Urumqi
11:04 到达
12:00 ZH9991 Shenzhen Airlines Guangzhou
12:00 前方起飞
12:10 QW9807 Qingdao Airlines Harbin
12:00 前方起飞
12:15 MU5511 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai Pudong
12:15 前方起飞
12:25 SC4726 Shandong Airlines Shenyang
12:20 前方起飞
12:30 QW9776 Qingdao Airlines Changsha
12:30 前方起飞
12:30 HU7275 Hainan Airlines Guangzhou
12:35 前方起飞
12:40 MU5222 China Eastern Airlines XiAn
12:35 前方起飞
12:45 SC4668 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
12:50 HU7841 Hainan Airlines Haikou
12:55 JD471 Beijing Capital Airlines Hangzhou
12:35 前方起飞
13:00 GX8863 Guangxi BeiBu Gulf Airlines Nanning
13:05 SC8896 Shandong Airlines Mudanjiang
12:55 前方起飞
13:05 TR167 Dalian
13:10 SC8754 Shandong Airlines Jiamusi
12:50 前方起飞
13:10 SC4838 Shandong Airlines Dalian
13:20 FM9199 Shanghai Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
13:25 CZ8679 China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
13:05 前方起飞
13:30 CZ3669 China Southern Airlines Wuhan
13:30 CZ6259 China Southern Airlines Harbin
14:00 GS6607 Tianjin Airlines Hohhot
14:05 MU5482 China Eastern Airlines Shenyang
14:10 MU2518 China Eastern Airlines Dalian
14:10 SC8738 Shandong Airlines Changsha
14:20 FM9232 Shanghai Airlines Dandong
14:25 GS7816 Tianjin Airlines Wenzhou
14:25 BK2770 奥凯航空 Shenyang
14:30 CZ3963 China Southern Airlines Shenzhen
14:30 OQ2333 Chongqing Airlines Chongqing
14:35 CZ3799 China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
14:35 SC4956 Shandong Airlines Changchun
14:40 MF8049 China Eastern Airlines Xiamen
14:40 HO1054 Lucky Air Guiyang
14:45 MU2702 China Eastern Airlines Harbin
14:50 CZ6480 China Southern Airlines Yinchuan
15:00 MU5672 China Eastern Airlines Yenji
15:05 MF8533 China Eastern Airlines 泉州
15:10 SC4716 Shandong Airlines Shenyang
15:15 MF8176 China Eastern Airlines Hohhot
15:15 CA1579 Air China Beijing
15:20 MU5258 China Eastern Airlines Guangzhou
15:20 SC8744 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
15:25 DR6561 瑞丽航空 Kunming
15:25 CZ3984 China Southern Airlines Shenyang
15:30 SC4718 Shandong Airlines Hohhot
15:40 MU5498 China Eastern Airlines Kunming
15:55 CZ3632 China Southern Airlines Harbin
16:05 CZ3937 China Southern Airlines Changsha
16:05 SC8854 Shandong Airlines Jieyang
16:10 PN6261 West Airlines Zhengzhou
16:10 MU5515 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
16:15 CZ6225 China Southern Airlines Daqing
16:20 SC4662 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
16:25 HU7501 Hainan Airlines Shenzhen
16:30 MU2059 China Eastern Airlines XiAn
16:35 HO1115 Lucky Air Shanghai Pudong
16:35 CZ6166 China Southern Airlines Changchun
16:50 SC8750 Shandong Airlines Xiamen
16:55 JD5214 Beijing Capital Airlines Guilin
17:00 SC4712 Shandong Airlines Guangzhou
17:00 HU7769 Hainan Airlines Urumqi
17:00 MU5530 China Eastern Airlines Daqing
17:05 JD5218 Beijing Capital Airlines Nanchang
17:05 SC8736 Shandong Airlines Nanning
17:05 SC4698 Shandong Airlines Xining
17:15 ZH9913 Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen
17:25 CA8237 Air China Wuhan
17:30 MU2257 China Eastern Airlines Lanzhou
17:45 SC4756 Shandong Airlines Guiyang
17:45 MU2484 China Eastern Airlines
17:50 JD5257 Beijing Capital Airlines Haikou
17:55 CA1571 Air China Beijing
18:00 MU5508 China Eastern Airlines Lanzhou
18:00 SC4910 Shandong Airlines Zhuhai
18:05 SC4670 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
18:05 SC4730 Shandong Airlines Shenzhen
18:15 ZH9993 Shenzhen Airlines Guangzhou
18:20 MF8030 China Eastern Airlines Shenyang
18:25 QW9872 Qingdao Airlines
18:25 MU5380 China Eastern Airlines 柳州
18:30 QW9772 Qingdao Airlines Chengdu
18:30 MU5522 China Eastern Airlines Mudanjiang
18:30 SC4796 Shandong Airlines Chongqing
18:45 CZ8509 China Southern Airlines Changchun
18:50 CZ3573 China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
18:55 SC4696 Shandong Airlines Kunming
19:05 QW9808 Qingdao Airlines 泉州
19:15 QW9786 Qingdao Airlines Haikou
19:30 8L9869 Yunnnan Lucky Air Kunming
19:35 SC4666 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
19:35 MU5517 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
19:40 JD5506 Beijing Capital Airlines Chengdu
19:45 GS6608 Tianjin Airlines Hangzhou
19:50 KY8239 昆明航空 Kunming
19:55 HU7276 Hainan Airlines Harbin
19:55 SC4810 Shandong Airlines Nanning
20:00 SC8740 Shandong Airlines Fuzhou
20:00 ZH9915 Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen
20:05 FM9200 Shanghai Airlines Qiqihar
20:05 MF8050 China Eastern Airlines Changchun
20:15 CA8917 Air China Dalian
20:15 SC4612 Shandong Airlines Urumqi
20:20 CZ3670 China Southern Airlines Harbin
20:25 CZ3964 China Southern Airlines Changchun
20:25 ZH9746 Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen
20:35 CZ6260 China Southern Airlines Xiamen
20:40 HU7363 Hainan Airlines Ningbo
20:40 MF8048 China Eastern Airlines Harbin
20:45 OQ2334 Chongqing Airlines Harbin
21:00 SC4622 Shandong Airlines Dalian
21:00 HU7349 Hainan Airlines Dalian
21:00 DR6562 瑞丽航空 Shenyang
21:05 HO1234 Lucky Air Haikou
21:10 MF8045 China Eastern Airlines Xiamen
21:10 MU5194 China Eastern Airlines Beijing
21:15 RY8949 Nanchang
21:20 3U8119 Sichuan Airlines Chengdu
21:30 CZ6226 China Southern Airlines Shanghai Pudong
21:35 9C8853 Spring Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
21:35 MU2382 China Eastern Airlines Hangzhou
21:55 CZ3938 China Southern Airlines Changchun
22:00 MU5523 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
22:00 CA1525 Air China Beijing
22:00 SC4672 Shandong Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
22:05 QW9854 Qingdao Airlines Hailar
22:15 3U8231 Sichuan Airlines Chongqing
22:15 HO1241 Lucky Air Shanghai HongQiao
22:20 MU5519 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
22:25 SC4710 Shandong Airlines Chongqing
22:35 SC4624 Shandong Airlines Dalian
22:40 MU5244 China Eastern Airlines Shenzhen
22:40 SC8842 Shandong Airlines Zhuhai
22:45 CZ6567 China Southern Airlines Shenyang
22:50 JD5225 Beijing Capital Airlines Shenyang
22:55 MU5196 China Eastern Airlines Beijing
22:55 SC4970 Shandong Airlines 库尔勒
23:00 MU5577 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai HongQiao
23:00 SC4682 Shandong Airlines Shenzhen
23:00 SC4602 Shandong Airlines Shanghai Pudong
23:05 HO1076 Lucky Air 长白山
23:10 SC4750 Shandong Airlines Ningbo
23:15 SC4658 Shandong Airlines Beijing
23:25 SC4676 Shandong Airlines Guangzhou
23:35 MU5521 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai Pudong
23:45 SC4932 Shandong Airlines Guilin
23:45 MU5254 China Eastern Airlines Yinchuan
23:45 MU9646 China Eastern Airlines 长白山
23:50 CZ3715 China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
23:50 SC4742 Shandong Airlines Mudanjiang
23:55 SC8448 Shandong Airlines
23:55 SC8746 Shandong Airlines Shanghai Pudong
23:55 QW9788 Qingdao Airlines Nanning
23:55 SC4754 Shandong Airlines Changsha
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