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Last updated on:
2017-07-27 08:31:43
Plan Time
Plan Arrive Flight Number Airlines Origin
Actual /Forecast Arrive Gate Position Status
08:35 MU2044 China Eastern Airlines Inchon
09:05 前方起飞
08:40 KE845 Korean Airlines Inchon
08:50 前方起飞
08:50 5X186 UPS Inchon
08:50 7C8401 济州航空 Inchon
09:15 前方起飞
09:15 SC4620 Shandong Airlines Inchon
09:35 前方起飞
09:35 OZ317 Asiana Airlines Inchon
10:40 LH786 Lufthansa Frankfurt
10:20 前方起飞
11:35 BX321 Air Busan Busan
11:55 KE889 Korean Airlines Busan
12:05 MU2060 China Eastern Airlines 大阪关西
12:35 NH977 All Nippon Airways 大阪关西
12:35 NH927 All Nippon Airways Tokyo
12:50 MU2040 China Eastern Airlines Inchon
13:00 SC4618 Shandong Airlines Inchon
13:35 KA950 Dragonair 香港
13:40 KE841 Korean Airlines Inchon
14:00 MU2034 China Eastern Airlines Inchon
14:25 SC4088 Shandong Airlines Inchon
14:35 MU5022 China Eastern Airlines Inchon
14:55 OZ319 Asiana Airlines Inchon
15:45 JD472 Beijing Capital Airlines
18:40 前方起飞
16:00 MU536 China Eastern Airlines Fukuoka
16:05 SC4082 Shandong Airlines Inchon
16:10 MF878 China Eastern Airlines
16:55 MU560 China Eastern Airlines Inchon
17:15 SC4722 Shandong Airlines Inchon
19:00 SC8826 Shandong Airlines 大阪关西
19:05 MU2006 China Eastern Airlines Nagoya
23:15 KA954 Dragonair 香港
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