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Check-in Location

Domestic Flights of Shandong Airlines, Beijing Flights of Air China: T1, Zone A;

Other Domestic Flights, Domestic Flights of Air China (Except Beijing): T1, Zone B;

Domestic Flights of China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines: T2, Zone D;

All International Flights: T2, Zone E;

Check-in Time

(1) Starting Time of Domestic Flights:

A.      First Flight: 90 mins before taking-off;

B.      Others: Anytime.

(2) Deadline of Domestic Flights:

A. 40 mins before taking-off .

(3) Check-in Time of International Flights:

B. Different airlines have different regulations.


You need to arrive at the airport before the deadline. You should present your certificates on time for the ticket check, checked baggage, boarding pass check etc.

(1)     Domestic Flights

Including resident identity card, valid passport, certificate of officers, soldiers, police ID card, civilian cadres or retired cadres documents, student ID (under 16 years of age), residence booklet and other documents.

(2)     International Flights

If you take the international flights, you need to show your valid certificate and visa for check-in, such as: passport, Taiwan pass, Hong Kong and Macao pass, travel certificates.