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Notes for Special Passengers Services

Special passenger service aims to provide the better experiences for senior citizens, children, the sick, the disabled, the pregnant and other special groups who travel by air. Airport services include providing stretchers, wheelchair, guidance, priority security, priority boarding and other services.

If you need to apply for Special Passengers Services, please apply to the airline when purchasing air tickets and get the airline's approval.

When you arrive at Qingdao airport, please go to the corresponding counter. The staff will help you apply for Special Passengers Services and checking in.

The staff will guide the special passengers to board first and hand over to flight attendant.

If you arrive at Qingdao, the staff will help you claim the checked luggage and escort you to the exit to hand over to their guardians.

Once flights delay or other special circumstances occur, the staff will communicate with the guardians according to the contact information left at the time of application.

If you have any questions, please call the Service Line Tel: (+86) 0532-96567. Thank you!