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Handicapped-User-Friendly Facilities

Introduction of Airport Special Service Project:

Qingdao Airport provides particular and thoughtful services for special passengers. If you encounter any difficulty, you can ask the inquiry counter personnel for help, or call the 24-hour service hotlines, 0532-96567(charged as local calls).

We provide 3 services:

Wheelchair service

For the convenience of physically challenged passengers, all seat areas of the terminal buildings are equipped with handicapped-user-friendly seats.

Team Guarantee Service for Passengers with Disabilities

For passengers with disabilities, they can apply for service from boarding gate to car.

Accompany service

Providing departure and arrival service for special passengers.


More details as follows:

1.       Blind Path and Handrail Braille;

2.       Handicapped-User-Friendly Channel

3.       Handicapped-User-Friendly Restroom;

4.       Low-Positioned Counter;

5.       Low-Positioned Telephone;

6.       Handicapped-User-Friendly Seats;

7.       Handicapped-User-Friendly Elevator;

8.       Other Handicapped-User-Friendly Facilities.


Tip: if you have any questions, please call the airport service telephone: 0532-96567.